The Beginning

In 2011, sisters Erica and Ali Chalmers learned about the need for girls' education in the developing world and an innovative idea provided them a way to get involved. Natick High School was being rebuilt and they were inspired to recycle its old school supplies to Starfish International, a grassroots organization in Gambia. For eighteen months, the duo gathered their friends and family to arrange the shipment of desks, chairs, whiteboards chemistry equipment and educational materials across the Atlantic Ocean. 

A subsequent volunteer trip solidified the relationship between the sisters and Starfish International. They were excited to see how their school supplies supported the needs of the organization, but were even more inspired by the relationships they formed with the Gambian girls. Upon returning to the U.S., the sisters founded Janga Yakarr Inc., a student run non-profit that provides girls in the Starfish International program with school tuition and forges relationships between students.


Photography Timeline

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